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Looking for financing


I want to make a new game. An awesome game. And I need to invest a lot of time. I'm talking years. So either I can find a steady job for a few days per week where I can finance my own work on the game, or I get a fulltime job and I don't have time for the game. Either way, I do need to pay my rent. Winning lottery tickets are welcome.

Approximately a decade ago I was in secondary school. Time on my hands. And I made a few games using Game Maker. But ever since I've had computers, I'd be changing other games. Unfortunately, I used to have the bad habit of deleting stuff often to keep space.

My first 'game' was Cyborganic 3d, it was a 3-level minigame based on Duke Nukem 3d, but with complete new selfmade graphics, sounds, weapons, levels (duh) and it featured robots and a complete car driving level. I really want it back. If you've ever received a copy of me (~1998), please contact me! Also, I made the first level of an unnamed isometric RPG in Game Maker. If you've ever received a copy of me (~2000) please let me know!

In 2001 I almost won a competition with my game Demolition Kids (Win98 or less :(). The community was in favour of me but the hosts left the picture. So in 2002, the Game Maker author decided to host a competition himself and I won 1st place with Super Snake! (Website Warning: Audio; Website Warning: Bad Classic)

For a small summary check my ancient portfolio. Super Snake is a good classic, but the portfolio and contents require these warnings:

Warning: Dutch :(
Warning: Bad Classic :(

GP2x PrBoom PWAD Pack

August 12, 2008 (bash, GP2X-Linux only)  GP2x F200 PrBoom PWAD Pack

Do you have a GP2x F-100 or F-200 Linux handheld gaming device?

I created this awesome PWAD pack for Doom. Doom was so popular, there were a LOT of custom WAD packs out there with new graphics, sounds, levels etc.

Launching them requires some command line work. Nasty on a keyboardless device. Savegames are a real problem because you can only have 8 and they break if you load the wrong PWAD.

That's why I created this pack! It does everything for you, including separate saves for separate PWADs, which is pretty awesome!

  • 150 MB of WADs pre-installed
  • GMenu2X based selector, launchers included
  • Small Timidity bank for music emulation
  • Savegame rotator script - Every WAD has its own savegames!
  • PWAD TITLEPIC extracted for nice graphical selection screen
  • This pack does NOT contain any commercial WADs. You need to get them somewhere else in order to play more than the Doom 1 shareware episode.