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Hi, I make music videos

I told you there's no site on this domain! But I also promised I would release the demo of Sonic Plague. So you didn't download it from here.

The frontpage features a play on a tune called Disco in Draculahuis by The Interdimensionals (Wouter vd MK and me over a decade ago). Wouter now performs with Retro Pop.

Sonic Plague - Useless

Whaat? Sonic Plague was a most brutal Black Metal band from the Netherlands. They didn't even realize their potential was so high that their sound literally crashed down on anyone lucky enough to kneel before their stage with lethal force. But all was not fine. I was there in the studio when they recorded their second demo. They raised the bar so high that they just didn't want to do it anymore. And decided then and there that the game was over. Whaat?

I convinced them to perform in a music video as a tribute to their art. They only agreed if they could re-record the song in a different studio, with a different engineer, with a different drummer and different equipment. You can check the awesome video on Youtube (720p).

So what's the deal? Why did the band deband? First of all, the drummer was in rehab. You can hear it on the demo that was never meant to be released. You can compare it to their 6 years older demo "Mask Of Anger". Second, the singer didn't like Metal. He never listened to it. He preferred to sing a little less aggressive. And third, The bass player actually wanted to play rock and humppa. So apart from the audience, there was only one guy left who could play with a big mental smileyface; Bastiaan the guitar player. He went on to play the metal in his new band Solidary Trust (720p).

Time to download their demo, no? With Sonic Plague no more, I urged them to allow me to release the tracks. I salvaged the raw tracks from the studio and mastered them. These are all continuous take recordings, no punching and dubbing. All but "There You Are" have double guitar takes and the occasional voice in "Useless".

Sonic Plague - The Empty Art