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April 6, 2010 [This object requires Flash]

This awesome video is a homage to the band 'Sonic Plague'.

A bunch of up friends are joking around in what seems to be innocent drunk stupidity, but things take a turn for the worse when they start laughing at the wrong person. And whaddaya know? She turns out not to be who she seems.

Check out this awesome breakdown (making of)!
And this early behind the scènes (making of)!

Hell On Earth

July 2, 2009 [This object requires Flash]

'Hell On Earth' is the first track on their new album and it ROCKS!

Here's the video I shot and edited for them. Except for the parts that were filmed before I was born. I did not steal those parts; they are from old broadcasts that are now public domain.

Beating the Train

May, 2009 [This object requires Flash]

Real life play on those impossible GTA4 stunt movies you find on the net. This was my entry for the Brandfighters virality contest and GoFast creativity contest. I placed respectively 4th and 1st!

The Encounter

February 18, 2009 [This object requires Flash]

The only thing we prepared was the Pasta Sauce Explosive, as an experiment. We put some efford in it. So right before we left home, we decided to take some toys with us to film some more shots. And because of the total randomness of the shots, this movie looks kinda goofy.

The experiment failed by the way. We put like three jars of pasta in a mold, and although the area smelled pretty italian afterwards, it must have all vapourized or something. There was only a global orange tint on the rocks. I had to paint some extra 'pastasauce' in there. :P